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Twin Flame Journey: Weekly Readings (Follow the Magic!)

Hi Twin Flames! I started a different format for my weekly Twin Flame readings on the Youtube (

I now use Kirsty Mitchell's book "Wonderland" as a backdrop for these readings. Her art is stunning and a huge backstory is behind it, too (read her posts on why she decided to spend half a decade on creating these 74 beautiful images for her amazing book).

This week's title is: Flying Into Freedom & Rebirth.

A huge shift has happened in the 5D, reverberating into the 3D, which even non-awakened people cannot ignore. My weekly reading is not only for Twin Flames but also people who consider themselves to be in a strong soulmate connection. Take it as it resonates. I pulled 10 beautiful cards and you can watch the full video on my channel.

Stay tuned for some juicy lives and perhaps even some surprise videos later-on this week. Much love to this community and the Youtube for supporting me in creating the messages I really feel need to get out there! 🔥❤️🔥

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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