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Twin Flames Universe Jeff And Shaleia Finally Exposed!

Twin Flames Universe Finally Exposed! How founders Jeff and Shaleia brainwashed their members and followers.

Twin Flames Universe is a questionable group, who has made it their mission and purpose to convey the "Twin Flame" narrative in today's Millenial dating market. A market when many people are wanting a deeper meaning to their love life than just finding a person. Instead, they'd rather have their soulmate or "twin flame" - which can be an elusive concept for most since there are no real criteria for either.

In my latest video review, I go into the prime series documentary and how several former members where interviewed by journalist Hines. The three episodes go into how dangerous the Twin Flames Universe mentality really was, how it has harmed and damaged many of their former members and how it can even be considered a form of brainwashing to some. Indeed, the founders of Twin Flame Universe are accused of financial extortion and bullying. This led some members to go as far as claiming they were asked to change their appearance and gender because of the group. What exactly was going on in this cult and why can it be considered a cult?

Full review below:

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