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Fear - The ULTIMATE Crystal Power Kit to Help You Out!

Let’s talk about fear.

Fear is like a black headboard in front of your face, obstructing your view onto the most beautiful things. Fear turns your eyes red and leaves you with cloudy vision. Fear is the rabbit hole into very old feelings. Fear is the doorway into your own enlightenment.

Lots of fear is currently being released as we shift into a new paradigm, in which none of the old rules apply. Instant manifestation is happening, be it for your good thoughts or not so advantageous thoughts. In order to see the truth, we have to dig into our fear and work through it. Is fear of money loss really that or does it have to do with old feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt? Is losing all your loved ones really the scariest thing to happen or is it rather the fear of having to love yourself for once in your life? Sit with it. Work through it. Be honest with yourself. Now is the time. It’s the time to uncover LIFETIMES of pain, fear, and karma that has accumulated in your soul system. Now is the time to shine a light on things. I never said it was easy but it will only get tougher if you don’t allow yourself to be honest with your feelings and the underlying causes.

Best crystals for fear, here is the ULTIMATE power kit (in chakra order) (meanings taken from Philip Permutt – The Crystal Healer):

Tiger’s Eye: Good for intuition, courage, new beginnings. It’s a stone that makes you feel better and initiates you to take action. It also helps dispel fear, worry, depression, turmoil and inhibition.

Carnelian: A “feel better” stone, also great for creativity and boosting the immune system. Helps you to deal with emotions, such as anger, envy, fear, rage, sorrow, confusion and jealousy.

A Carnelian Flame

Moonstone: Soothes and is good for the inner self and emotions in general. Brings calm, control, balance, confidence and peace of mind. Helps oversensitivity, pessimism and combats cycles/repeated patterns.

Rose Quartz: With its calming energy it is good for forgiveness, love, romance and relationships in general. Helps crisis, phobias, anger, stress, tension, fear, guilt and the feeling of being emotionally wounded. It is similar to a bubble bath for the emotions.

Sodalite: Good for calming, self-esteem, mental health and healing. Helps confusion, mental unrest, oversensitivity and fear.

Aquamarine: Brings calm, compassion, spiritual awareness and development. Brings you in contact with your higher self.

(and the most powerful one!) Herkimer Diamond: Good for relaxation, being in the moment and all psychic abilities. Helps stress, fear and tension. Brings attunements to energies, people and places.

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