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Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Where attention goes, energy flows. Become aware of where you put your energy and whom you give it to. Are you giving it to the people & situations that deeply resonate with you? Or the opposite? Being in divine alignment with your soul’s mission and true purpose might not seem easy at first but it does get easier over time. Once you start putting your attention, focus and energy where you want it all to go, things move into that direction until they are either in alignment or point towards what needs to be done for them to be in alignment.

We are working with massively accelerated energy at the moment. Massively accelerated compared to decades ago, five years ago, yes, even one year ago.

Today is a great day to start building your life around the things you desire and see how fast your manifestations will become reality. It's August 18, 2018 - that's 8-18-18 for you in numerology (or: 18-8-18 for my European readers!). What does this mean? According to the Angel Numbers Blog, 818 suggests "suggests that you to think only thoughts of abundance and prosperity. Your thoughts are manifesting very quickly at the moment and you want them to be positive rather than negative." (among other meanings, too, of course, read more here).

August really opens up many gateways, doors and new opportunities. The summer in general is a great time to find closure with whatever does not resonate with you anymore and start a new venture or path, which is more aligned with your soul's mission and true purpose. To top it off, this year everything has been even more transformative, energetic and extreme than in previous years and decades.

So there you have it. What is it that you want to put your energy in? The more specific your focus is, the better. But leave some room open for miracles! (If you need more pointers on manifestation, read my January blog post!)

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