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Old and New Earth: They Are Now Drifting Away From Each Other

This is perhaps the closest image of what I channeled in today’s morning meditation. In my vision, the old and new earth were revolving around a grey canyon and slowly moving away from each other. Not much of a color theme going on, both earths presented themselves as grey paradigms. I’ve been extremely tired, unmotivated and sluggish over the past week or so. More than I have felt at any point during the past year. What came through this morning was finally this image and the message that there is a substantial split in our reality right now.

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The old and new earth (or call it 3D and 5D paradigm, if that terminology resonates better with you) are drifting apart at a much higher rate than EVER before. And while this has been going on since 2012 already, it is happening at a much more accelerated pace than in the past. For the past six years or so, the split has increased from a steady and slow pace to a higher and higher frequency. The speed at which both realities and both earths are splitting away from each other has gradually increased over the time but now we are at a point where we simply cannot ignore the parallel realities anymore. From Mandela Effect to things simply being off – it is becoming obvious even to the average person that something has substantially changed over the past year or longer.

This drifting apart is causing a split in our reality and it is taking up A LOT of our energy and also time (my timelines have been all over the place lately). In addition, it is also causing a lot of disruption in our daily lives and the experiences we are having. If things are happening out of the blue or in a bit of an unexpected way now, it is because this drift plays a crucial part in our ongoing reality.

This also means that we are simply not visible to people from another frequency and vice versa. How many angry people have you walked past lately and they seemingly cannot see you or don’t pay any attention to you at all? It is no coincidence that the less you are getting caught up in other people’s drama, the more you are raising your vibration and raising above it all.

How are you feeling these days?

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