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The Chakra Series: The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra! Probably the most important chakras of all. It lies in the middle of the seven chakras and provides a healthy balance for the rest. The heart chakra has two parts - the lower and the high heart chakra, each with their own meaning and purpose, mostly about love & self-love. Working with the heart chakra was intense on an emotional level. One scenario after another presented itself - each meant to open myself up to love & compassion even more. I met people from my past, who I was finally able to forgive during this time period. I met new people with different issues but essentially the same baggage as the people I had left behind before. I was finally able to release my tears and feel what compassion meant.

Working with this chakra was also about self-doubt and self-empowerment. And resulting from this doubt, how I had created lifetimes over lifetimes for myself, highlighting how little I valued myself and how much I doubted my inner self. As an Arcturian being, slaving away and building other beings' empires. As a Blue Avian, a knight in a shining armor, who couldn’t see or discover his own radiance. As a commander on a Sirian starship, having the womb of cosmos in front of me and still feeling so disconnected from it all.

Clearing karmic blue prints took a lot of self-reflection. Crystals that helped me were Moldavite and also Pargasite. Working with Pargasite was releasing and powerful. I thought Moldavite had already been quite a trip. Try pargasite when you ever need all the scenarios of self doubt and fear shoved in your face and want to wake up at 3Am in sweats and regrets over all the missed opportunities in your life.

Each chakra also has a power animal. The lion is for the root. The tiger symbolizes the solarplexus. And the elephant is for the heart. The calming elephant energy guided me through the time I was working with the heart chakra.

The color green was also crucial. More Heart Chakra crystals: Peridot, Healerite, Rose Quartz.

The Heart Chakra: Because loving oneself needs to be done every single day.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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