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Being In An Energy Void: How Does It Feel?

Being in an energy void - how does it feel? An energy void happens when you are in between two very different lives, worlds, dimensions, circumstances, situations - you name it. Examples could include moving to a new home, city, country or place, having given up one job for another, having made the jump from employment to self-employment, breaking up with a relationship or anything that has catapulted your previous life in a different direction. Feeling the energy void can come in many different ways. Feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled, unhappy, doubtful, anxious or simply that you are on the wrong path and made a wrong decision - all examples of testing out the energy void and riding out the roller coaster of emotions, which might come up.

Energy voids give us an amazing opportunity to re-evaluate our life, personality and priorities. What used to give us great joy might not be too fulfilling to us anymore. What we once took for granted is not there anymore. Having made a step in the desired direction does not always feel like it was indeed the right decision. That is because we are clearing out all the old - our belief systems, friendships, values and thought processes. Feeling like one has taken a step back instead of forward can be a common symptom of an an energy void.

This is a great time to set up a new paradigm, reality and value system for yourself. This is also a great time to redefine yourself and leave behind everything that was not serving you anymore. Energy voids - a chance to move forward in a different way than before.

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