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Are Your Empathic Abilities Ramping Up Lately?

Are your empathic abilities ramping up lately? A lot of people have noticed a heightened sense in empathic abilities over this past year. Is being an empath tuning into your psychic senses? In short, yes. You are connecting very much with your own inner wisdom, with your bodily sensation and the subtle signs your soul is giving to you. As a form of soul language, empathic abilities can also be finetuned and practiced.

Looking at images of others and feeling out what mood they are in or what intentions they have when approaching you next. Watching a video and turning off the sound to pay attention to body language. Or even turning off the image and just listening to the sound to really get the subtle nuances of what's hidden inside a voice and how words are spoken and pronounced. Being an empath can oftentimes be overwhelming. But one of our greatest gifts is to be able to be in tune with our own advice and use our skills as a compass throughout life.

Have you been feeling more and more empathic lately?

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