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Being in 5D: Living Your Most Authentic Life

I’ve been feeling a real pull from 3D this past week. Old people reaching out, random people being upset at me, other people unloading their gossip in front of my face. While it’s true that everything we experience is a reflection, I started backing off. Being in 5D means a lighter life, a lighter consciousness, a brighter presence and a more vibrant life. All these years I’ve worked on manifesting the life I always wanted and when it finally came around this year, I just couldn’t anymore. I couldn't drag people with me to the light, I didn’t even want to listen to their self-created victim mentality anymore. All of a sudden, I saw how everyone was following their own agenda and plans - and once their agenda did not fit into what I had created for myself, the break-ups and break-offs came naturally.

Living in 5D might still feel quite empty right now. But at least I know, the only person I will ever need to make happy, is myself. We are here to bring heaven onto earth. We are not here to downplay our magnificence and radiance, because other people are unable to handle it. We are here to rise up against the lifetimes, centuries and eons of oppression, control and brainwashing. We are here because we agreed to this mission long before entering our current reality. We were not meant to have our own lights dimmed by feeding into the collective fear, building other beings’ empires and downsizing us to fit into other people’s mental boxes and boundaries. You are the most powerful being there is. Remember that.

You living your truest life and up to your truest potential is giving other people the permission to do the same. It is up to you to take that next step forward and embrace your radiance or to stay in your self-created shadows of fear, doubt and insecurity. When you are being true to yourself you are being true to your own soul. You are also giving permission and showing the way for others to stay in their lane and live their own truth, as well.

Happy Journey!

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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