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Combat the Matrix! Course Is Now Live

I have talked about it before - the astral realm right now is nothing like I have ever seen before. Aside from full-on astral wars, entity attacks and AI-beings manipulating us and trying to mess up our lifepath, we are dealing with so many more things that are thrown our way. This is truly occurring in all areas: Energetically, psychically, emotionally and physically. 

For the longest time I have been wanting to add and offer material that everyone can use, no matter what their background and experience level may be. In addition to Be Your Own Shaman, I wanted to take things to the next level for all those really battling with the current matrix reality. 

I have therefore created a comprehensive course on how to combat the matrix, unplug from the matrix machine and rid yourself of anything and everything that is keeping you down. Combat the Matrix has a variety of shorter, hands-on, intense removals in video module form.

The course is divided into three sections and here are some highlights of it. Learn how to: 

  • Destroy MAJOR life contracts.

  • Destroy and rewrite your life script.

  • Create and envision your own timeline and global timelines.

  • Unplug yourself from the matrix machine and anything robotic / AI. 

  • Destroy overlays and AI grids that are hindering your energy field and your business etc. 

  • Shatter energetic entrapments, confinements and restrictions around you (cocoons, sacks, walls). 

  • Regress yourself to a past life that is still impacting you now and change it.

  • Close energy leaks and work with energy containers

  • And so much more!

I can't wait to see you inside!

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

Learn all about the crucial elements of Shamanism, psychic protection, dealing with energetic interference, doing your own AI removals and much more! Have a look here.

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