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Launching Cosmic Alliance: Clothing and Products That Raise Your Vibration

Cosmic Alliance: Be Aligned With Your Cosmic Self

It's been about a month since I launched my new product line in my store online called "Cosmic Alliance: Be Aligned With Your Cosmic Self." This series features clothing and wall art, which raise your vibration AND of the people around you as you wear the clothing and display the wall art in your home, office or wherever else you want.

I have designed all products myself and channeled the symbols on the clothing line. The leggings are great for yoga (or sports in general). They feature the Milky Way I photographed over Mount Rainier in Washington state. They also have the sacred geometry of the flower of life on them. The Milky Way connects you to your cosmic being and starseed origins, it can literally transport you up to the stars and back (in an astral-travel-type of way). The grounding symbol of the flower of life keeps you grounded to Earth in the process.

The tank top and T-shirt (which is unisex) has three symbols on them, which have all been channeled by me this past summer. The Cosmic Alliance symbol on the logo is meant to raise your vibration regardless, but all three symbols combined are meant for three chakras and they balance these chakras out while wearing the top right above your energy body.

They balance out the the heart, solarplexus and sacral chakra. As you can tell, the heart chakra symbol is perhaps the most complex of these three - this is because our heart is one of the most complex and important areas of our body. The sacral chakra symbol is also meant for grounding, as the three triangles are pointing down to Earth, and it really balances out this area of your energetic body beautifully.

Over the past week, I have also added three pieces of wall art, which have been photographed by me over the past few years (two years, to be exact). The pink cherry blossoms are from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, photographed this year. Then there is Diamond Beach in Iceland, with its beautiful ice diamond washing over the sunset. And of course the Milky Way shot over Mount Rainier in a long exposure.

The first two come in 16 x 20 inch sizes, the latter is a 12 x 18 inch piece of wall art. They are all connected to the beauty of Planet Earth and raise your vibration as you look at and display them wherever you want. They can also be combined with the crystal suggestions given, as these crystals magnify the effect of the wall art onto you.

Find my full shop online:

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