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Two Divine Counterpart Oracle Card Decks - Designed By Pleiadian Healer!

I am beyond excited to be introducing you to my Divine Counterpart Oracle Decks. Over these past few months, I have designed and channeled messages from both Divine Counterparts and created these two beautiful card decks. The Divine Masculine Messages and the Divine Feminine Messages each contain 54 cards with guidance and messages from your divine counterpart.

Two great decks to clarify your Twin Flame Journey and to receive messages from the divine. The artwork on both decks also uses my very own photography (Milky Way shot in Mount Rainier, WA, and the cherry blossoms were photographed in the BK Botanical Garden) You can purchase these decks here:

I have done an unboxing video of the decks tomorrow on my second Youtube Channel Pleiadian Healer Tarot Cards. Subscribe and hit the notification bell if you haven't yet and are ready to receive weekly TF guidance and readings. They extend beyond my main channel and are dedicated towards the love journey. You can watch the unboxing video here:

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