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Don't Die With Your Music Still In You...

I’ve been feeling the creative forces lately. I've been creating, manifesting and being with myself ferociously. It feels like there are a million different projects to get done in addition to still leading a somewhat "normal" life during this lockdown / pandemic / whatever you want to call it. From burnout to feeling like I took on way too much to being completely inspired again when burning it all down to the ashes... The past two months have been quite a ride. I've been experiencing the full range of emotions over this time frame. A period in our lives, which some people may consider a rather "dark" time of boredom or being confined to their houses, instead.

However long this may last, this has been one of the most creative times of my entire life and not just because I was able to just sit still with myself and really see what I want and what it is I desire to create. But also because it gave me time to slow down and really sink into those creative forces outside of the busy monkey mind.

How have you been doing ? "Don’t die with your music still in you." - A great quote by Wayne Dyer (brought to my attention by Michele Duquet).

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