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Every Single Moment....

Every single moment you have the opportunity to begin anew. We are often so caught up in our past and potential future. How things were and how they are supposed to be. We often forget, the only moment that really counts is the one you are in now. If you aren’t dreaming big enough, it’s not going to feel challenging. Time to dream and not go back to your limiting belief system. If things are going to manifest one way or another, wouldn’t you rather focus on the positive than the negative? If things don’t feel right, reset yourself. It doesn’t matter how miserably you’ve failed in the past, begin anew.

The next moment is waiting. Forgive yourself. When you open your connection to source energy, you open your connection to source love. Life is about exploration. Don’t get stuck in your old rut. Keep exploring.

Remind yourself: “My current moment is enriched by the previous experiences and moments. I embrace every new experience. While I may not know exactly where my path leads, I trust in myself and my ability to adapt. I forgive myself for all the times I judged myself as not enough. In this moment I release my limiting ideas and once again align with the knowingness that I am a divine being of infinite light. As I shift my frequency, I shift my reality to begin a new exploration of life. It is safe to try new things. I learn and grow from every moment. I liberate myself from the notion of failure."

And so it is.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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