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Fall Equinox and Harvest Moon: Time to Love Yourself

This summer has been great for putting yourself out there and seeing what others are up to. For socializing, for creating, for discovering the infinite amounts of potential that lie within in. Fall is here to put it all into action. A slowing down of pace maybe. Or an entirely new direction after all. Today’s full moon and the recent fall equinox have brought up again yet another era, another time to redefine yourself. And as much as I’m hearing about letting go of the old and what is not serving you anymore, another message keeps coming up. Love yourself with all that you are! The expression you put out in the world carries vibrations so strong it will influence lifetimes of karmic undoing. Now is the time to live your best life. NOW!

Evaluate everything that is holding you back and consider why you feel that way at this time. Are you underestimating your potential? Do you feel unworthy of receiving the rewards for your hard work? Are you stuck in a relationship / situation / circumstance that is simply not serving you anymore and hindering you to express yourself fully and joyfully? Best Crystal to love yourself: Rose Quartz. The gentle stone of romance, love and self-love. It is easily available. It also magnifies creativity and imagination.

Chakra: Heart. The most important chakras of them all.

(This is me surrounded by a few of my Rose Quartz babes.) [Photography by Wendy Hapgood]

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