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Fire - Burn Those Soul Contracts Up!

Fire - a master cleanser and powerful element when working with dissolving energies and soul contracts from your energy field. Fire can be the most powerful tool of destruction (think about a house that has gone up in fire). It can also offer warmth, radiance, the feeling of home and solitude. Fire can be drowned in water, taken down with earth and ignited further by air.

Fire alone can be your best friend when it comes to clearing the energy and letting something new in. Just as when we use fire to ignite that Sage bundle / Palo Santo stick or other herbs or just overall want to ignite fire in our homes, we use it to burn away the old. In some traditions, fire is used to burn away the winter and welcome in the spring and summer.

If you are currently going through challenging karmic situations and are having troubles releasing those or people from your life who have been riding off your energy for way too long without offering much in return, use the power of fire. Burn those soul contracts up, clear your energy, let fire warm you. The power of fire can be massive.

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