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Forgive & Release Ceremony

For the New Moon energies in Cancer this weekend, I have hosted a release ceremony over on my Patreon! The ceremony is in the form of a video and can be replayed as many times as needed. This tier provides extended content all throughout the month including some oracle card pulls early next week.

The release & forgive ceremonial video is helpful for people if they want to forgive a person (be it love, friend, relative, boss etc.), release the energies of attachment to a connection (such as in a strong soulmate or Twin Flame connection or just karmic partners overall) and energetically find peace where they are with this person without holding a grudge and ultimately just hurting yourself when doing so. This video is also great for people dealing with grief and energetically releasing past loved ones. It will be available tonight, but the new moon energies can be felt all weekend and the ceremony can also be used on other days. The new moon can be seen as a great time to start new things, release the past and move on into the new.


Update June 2023:

Since I cancelled my Patreon this year and I am now doing my own memberships, you won't find it in the original link. However, you can actually find this exact same ceremony and many other tools in my free mini-course. It is a powerful ceremony and might give you an idea on how you can release things on your own. Take the mini-course and watch the full video.

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She gives powerful and empowering Shamanic Healing sessions, combining a multitude of healing techniques. She also provides readings and offers her intuitive psychic insight in her sessions. Interested in learning these things on your own? Her courses teach how to tap into your own intuition, how to become your own shaman and how to help others and more! Have a look here.

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