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Ghosts: Crossing Lost Spirits Over and Learning What the Boundaries Are

When ghosts first started coming through I was 19 years old. I was dating a guy in Mannheim/ Germany. His apartment was brand new, but the person who had lived there before him had died a violent death. It wasn’t until months later that he confessed to me that the dead person’s body had been laid out in chalk when he first came to look at the place. I was having the worst of nightmares and odd feelings in his apartment. We ended up breaking up soon after. This must have been one of the first of many times a spirit was seeking communication with me and when I became aware of it.

Throughout the past decade of sleeping and staying all over Europe and the US, be it in hotels, motels or Airbnbs, I’ve had my fair share of ghost encounters. From staying at a haunted place in Portland, Oregon with a violent male ghost to being woken up every hour by three annoying spirits in Salem, Massachusetts – I could probably write half a book on my ghostly encounters, but I want to spare you the details for now. I’ll save it for when I am famous and have more time.

I was not ready to fully acknowledge these ghost encounters for what they were until I was dating a guy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn almost a decade after my first ghost encounter. Brooklyn, like many other places, was an area that had once been infested by the American-Italian mafia (and perhaps it still is). His place was a walk-up on the third floor. About a year into our relationship, my psychic senses exploded and what had always been a nagging feeling when entering his place confirmed itself one day when I was sitting still in meditation in his place. I was practicing opening up my sixth sense at that time and was surrounded by a ton of my crystals. I closed my physical eyes and opened by third eye and two long-haired Mafiosos in their 20ies stared right back at me. One bolted, the other one stayed around me, even when I was taking a shower (talk about how weird it is taking a shower and feeling watched). It wasn’t until much later in my journey that I learned the right techniques to shield myself off from ghosts like this. The American-Italian Mafioso was very hurt. He and his “mate” had did in a shoot-out at one point in the 1940ies or 1950ies (my estimate when looking at his clothes, not actual, researched history on the place).

When people die a violent, traumatizing or unexpected death, they usually stay in the in-between 4D realm and space, which looks grey to the ghosts and also me. There aren’t too many colors and when lightworkers like myself come in, we are the most vibrant, colorful appearance they have seen in a long time. Literally everything else is grey, spaceless and devoid of time. It might not be hell but it surely is an odd way to fade away as a soul. This is why they latched onto me, starved to communicate with me or simply watched me doing my thing. I learned how to shield myself off from such encounters later-on, but sometimes I just let the ghost be and see what it wants. There is always a reason for everything, running into a ghost is one of those. Ghosts too have free will. If they don’t want to be crossed over, I let them be. Interfering with something as sacred as free will, no matter how traumatized and confused a being is, is against my principles.

Aside from that, I didn’t learn how to cross ghosts over until perhaps a year ago. I had heard of the concept but it never seemed to be calling me. That was until I visited my friend in Colorado. Her brother had killed himself the summer before my visit. I went for dinner at her place, noticing how his energy was everywhere and how he had a strong presence almost everywhere we went. That night, I had a hard time falling asleep. At first I blamed it on my AirBnB and believed it was haunted. But actually that was not the case this time. My friend’s lost brother had come through. His astral body was still hovering over the place, where he had taken his own life. He was getting in touch with me from there. He was traumatized and confused but he was asking me for help, because he wanted to progress to the next stage. I didn’t know how to help him at first. Then it occurred to me what he wanted. It took me three trials but I was finally able to cross him over into the light. He was hesitant. He was scared. I tried to calm him down. In the end, I literally had to push him over. He is at a much better place now. This all happened in the non-physical astral realm, of course. We were both light beings connecting to each other.

These are the fine nuances you are dealing with, once you discover the responsibilities you have as a lightworker. It is not your responsibility to save every single lost soul out there. But it is your task to do it once they ask you for help. Have you ever encountered a ghost?

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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