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Heart Awareness: Remembering The Heart And Compassion

As self-sovereign beings, we know what is true to us and what is not ours. The more heart-centered we become, the more we tap into our intuition, our gut and our inner knowing. Heart-awareness right now is huge, as there are so many things, which are trying to take us out of our heart space and into our fear-systems, such as the solarplexus, sacral and root chakra, and other parts of our body. How do you know you aren't in your heart space? When we are upset, feel the need to defend ourselves or overall are nauseous and not quite as high-vibrational as usual, that's a pretty clear sign you have stepped out of your heart space.

Your heart is connected to your intuition. If you feel a disconnect, it might be a good time to step away, meditate or somehow else reconnect with your body. Becoming aware of your body, doing things that bring you joy are all great ways to connect with yourself and your heart again. The heart and feeling into your heart are things that traditional schools, teachers, the media and other people don't teach us. Instead, we are being taught to turn our heart off and work with our minds instead. While our minds are great, this is also where most of the fear and attacks by other entities are being bred and are able to expand. The same with the solarplexus, which is targeted by many these days. Try to remind yourself what it feels like when you were in your heart, usually when you did a joyful activity, were around someone you loved or laughed. Laughter opens up the chakras but it can also open our hearts.

Heart-awareness - a great time to tap into it. (image not mine)

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