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Hello July! What Makes July So Special?

Hello July! We somehow made it through half of this year already. As of today, we have left 183 days behind us and have 182 more days to go. Half-time for 2021!

Why is July so special? July is named after the Roman dictator Julius Caesar, who developed the Julian calendar. A calendar system that was valid until the medieval ages, when they messed with our time and introduced the Gregorian calendar.

July is also a month that seems to be dedicated towards freedom. The American, Canadian and French Days of Independence all fall into July. In addition to a few other significant events and feast days happening, such as Mary Magdalene feast day later this month, July also tends to be the hottest month if you are on the northern side of the globe. Moods might explode among the heat and all the family festivities, which some people find themselves forced to attend.

Overall, July is welcoming in a change and some of the most major transformation tends to happen over the summer anyhow, with school and universities being closed down for a couple of months. Hello July! Looking forward to this month ahead and introducing some new concepts, growing and glowing with you in the time ahead.

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