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High Energy Days: We Are In It For The Ride

The notions today have been extra giddy, which indicates that energy is moving in large amounts again. Signs of this could be feeling extra sleepy or out of it. Having a heightened sensitivity to noises, people and certain situations, which perhaps in the past did not bother you to the same extent it does now. In general, you might have the feeling that something is up and you can't really explain why or how.

Days right now might not feel the way they used to - we are stepping through dimensions and portals and utilizing our multi-dimensional selves in ways we have never before. The morning will seem very different from the evening and perhaps the day might even seem extra long or just like a more extended version than it did before. You might move through a large quantity of emotions on any given day - from happy to sad to euphoric to puzzled to confused, you name it. Being around people who you consider out of alignment with yourself will present as challenging. You will therefore either remove yourself from such situations completely or find a way around them.

High energy waves - we are in it for the ride.

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