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How To Protect Your Energy During the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal!

What can you do during the Lion's Gate Portal to protect your energy? This article will discuss a few energy methods, which you can easily apply on your own.

It is that time of year - AGAIN! My virtual e-mail inbox has been flooded all this past week with "spiritual" newsletters à la:  "Harness the powerful energies of the Lionsgate Portal..." "How to manifest with the 8-8 Portal..." "How to raise your vibration during August 8th..." (as if this were the only time) ...and other New Age jargon and attention-grabbing words, which are really just distractions and getting us nowhere. I recently published another article with the real meaning behind the lion symbol and the Lion's Gate Portal. It goes deep into some of the Masonic meaning of lions and the Lion's Gate. It also discusses how all clues lead back to the Freemasons.

What you can do during the Lion's Gate Portal to protect your energy... After finding out the real meaning behind the Lion's Gate Portal, people have asked me what to do during the this time instead. I personally can always feel it when a collective energy harvest is about to begin. I typically have massive headaches (such as now) and of course the astral entities try to get to us by keeping us down with their machine technology. Feeling sluggish and like you cannot move or function properly is often another symptom.

So here is some practical advice:  1) Don't participate in any mass meditations or circles. Mass events and group efforts can call in strange energy - no matter how pure the initial intent for it is. Even if you are participating with the best of your intent, you may be empathically picking up on other people's energies and also the entities in their fields. I recommend a strong energy cleanse right after if this has happened to you. Sage will be your best friend. But so will other means and methods.

2) Be in your own energy.

Right now it may be hard to tap into the astral. Every year the chaos in the energetic realm around this time of year is off the charts and I've therefore given up even tapping into it around the 8-8 masonic date. Too many portals are being opened up and too many entities may try to loosh off your energy. Even if you do all this with the purest and most innocent of intents, the attacks are still rampant. I may discuss how the astral realm has drastically changed and gone downhill from 2020 and on. This has a lot to do with how chaotic it looks and feels right now.  3) Stay grounded. We are currently dealing with several different retrogrades (Venus retrograde being one and this might unleash some darkness for some, which I'll discuss in an upcoming blog post). The overall energies may cause us to really be disconnected from our headspace, body, mind and soul and therefore perhaps even leave us ungrounded. It is important to ground during this time. This can be done with exercises, physical movement, grounding foods and more. Hydration is equally important. Movement exercises are great to keep the fluids and energy moving through the body.

4) Keep away from electronics or be aware of the radiation. Another thing that might make us feel woozy and dizzy is the constant bombardment of the EMF and rays around us. Simply turning electronics off for a few hours a day does wonders. So do saltwater baths or footbaths. The use of Epsom salts can also be beneficial, as it has great detox and grounding qualities.  5) Protect yourself energetically! There are many different tools and techniques out there. I teach and discuss a few of these in my Psychic Protection Course. You can find all information on the full course and how to do psychic protection the right way here:

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. I offer online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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