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I pray you heal from things...

I pray you heal from things no one ever apologized for. I hope you find the peace of mind and heart you truly deserve.

Not everyone is mature enough, thoughtful enough or healed enough to apologize for their wrongs. Oftentimes we won't ever receive an "I am sorry" from the people we want it the most from. And sometimes people do not see how much their actions hurt others or they like to blame it on the victim.

But let it be known that in order to find peace, closure and healing, you already have all the tools within you. You are your biggest treasure, indeed. And that you at any point can change the timeline you want to be on.

By truly finding forgiveness for yourself - and perhaps for person or people in question - we enter a whole new timeline. Perhaps a timeline you have never been on. But most likely it is a timeline that will feel familiar. Almost like home. Because it will bring you closer to your true self and essence. And much closer to your heart.

Holding bitterness, resentment, hurt, pain and anger - these are the feelings that we are conditioned to have, especially in regards to other people who did us wrong. But it takes a lot of growth and introspection to step away from that and also the pain that comes with it. Instead, tune into your heart and you will feel forgiveness, nourishment, silent and peace by making a decision that is less toxic for you.

After all, a healing journey is not linear. It will take you to many places you never knew even existed.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers potent Shamanic Healing sessions, combining a multitude of healing techniques. She also provides readings and offers her intuitive psychic insight in her sessions.

Interested in learning these things on your own? Her courses teach how to tap into your own intuition, how to become your own shaman and how to help others and more! Have a look here.

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