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The Trinity of Divinity: 3 World Religions

The Trinity of Divinity: Judaism, Christianity and Islam - three religions people have fought wars for, have lost their lives for and in whose names the biggest crimes of humanity have been committed, justified and rationalized by. Three religions, from which the biggest amount of fear was harvested and which also gave hope to people in their darkest hours. The trinity of divinity? Judaism - the forerunner of - Christianity, which came about with Jesus Christ, - and Islam which came about much later. When looking at these three symbols, I can't help but wonder if perhaps there was at third, important religion between the advent of Christianity and the creation of the Islam. With centuries of a gap in between both, it seems likely.

Holding these three religions united in my hand, I feel an intense amount of power. All symbols in one way or another refer to the stars (Islam with the moon and star, the David "star" with two shaped triangles, and the "cross", which can be turned around and seen as a star from the side). The Starseed religions perhaps? I recently added the David Star pendant to my collection and it has brought a powerful protection from psychic attacks and also protection from people coming at me who don't have the highest of intentions. One of my ex-partners actually gifted me the Islam-like star and moon pendant around 2012 - none of us knowing it symbolized Islam back then. I added the cross to my collection around my birthday of this year. When I tapped into the energy of the Islam, a huge sentiment of "entanglement" came up. This word has been hijacked this year already by celebrities such as Will Smith and his wife. More on this in another post.

What are your thoughts? What could the third "religion" be? Buddhism? Or something based out of Asia / Tibet?

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