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Martian / Combative energy - Mars in Aries. Anger.

Martian energy - Mars in Aries. A few days ago, on June 29, we entered a six month long period in which Mars is in Aries. And in addition to it, Mars itself will also be in retrograde from September to November later-on this year. Mars is a very combative planet. It can bring about a lot of transformation, both negative and positive.

But what we are currently experiencing, especially over the holiday weekend (or regular weekend, depending on where you are) is a lot of energy being released. Anger, frustration, grief - these emotions are now coming up for a reason, most significantly to be dealt with and released. The Mars in Aries constellation has been felt this weekend especially where I am. Not only on a personal level, but also in NYC, where I believe a good 21 murders were reported during a weekend, which is usually joyful and filled with celebrations. When I was out and about yesterday, I could feel the aggression in the people, especially the ones who had been drinking and in one form or another decided to leave their current mental state and have unconsciousness enter (through alcohol / "spirits" / drugs etc.).

What seemed like a prelude to what might be yet to come gave us a taste of how especially the less "spiritual" or "awake" souls are fighting with the lower densities right now. This might carry over into our reality, so for us it is important to stay in high vibrations and to keep that light shining! How has it been for you?

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