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May Energies 2019: Moon Cycles and Karma (May 4 - 18th)

My loves, it hasn’t been exactly easy at all this past month, these past few weeks and perhaps these past few days. The new moon on May 4 is quite a powerful one. It seems like every moon cycle currently is. I wanted to share what is going on now through May 18.

The May new moon is so powerful that it is literally going to trigger everything: Your blue prints, karmic imprints, soul contracts - you name it. This is going to happen to allow for the most happiness to come through. What comes before the purest of bliss? The most chaotic of chaos, the saddest of feelings, the loss of losses... You get the idea. In order to allow for the most joy and happiness to come through, we are purging. Letting go of lower vibrational states, feelings, emotions, people. We are purging all that has not been serving us for a very long time and in these past few eye-opening months we have begun to see why exactly they are not serving us anymore.

Some of us have simply not met with people who we didn’t resonate with anymore. Others have not been able to do the activities or things that once brought great joy (working out, watching certain types of movies, and so on). We are now clearly seeing why we have not resonated with any of this anymore. However, a sense of loss or sadness is inevitable, since we’ve been around these things, events or people for quite some time, if not lifetimes. After this phase, the full moon in mid-May is going to be an opportunity for you to fling your own Akashic Records wide open and tap into the full sense of your cosmic beingness. Or at least open up the door to it.

Full March energy update video coming at you next week. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and hit the bell button in order to be notified of it first.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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