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Meeting King Peter The Cruel - A Karmic Story

Oftentimes when we feel the need to visit a foreign place or country, we are guided to do so because of our previous past lives and the codes, downloads or memories, which we had at one point - be it conscious or subconsciously - planted here in order for a parallel/ future self of ours to retrieve in divine timing. Seeing how this is a sacred heart and heart-chakra-based period in my life right now, it is not surprising I was guided to explore Costa Rica. Costa Rica had been on my mind for a few years already but never was I pushed to the extent I was now to finally check it out. The moment I landed in Costa Rica I felt safe. I have been to other central American and South American countries and safety was the last thing I had ever felt. Not here.

On my first trip I was picked up my a driver. I was the only passenger he had. He didn’t speak English and my Spanish was not conversational enough to hold a full blown conversation for the entirety of three hours. All throughout our long drive, I could feel his frustration for not being able to communicate with me and for not knowing much English. Halfway through the ride, the flashbacks kicked in. He used to be a Spanish king. I was his “driver” back then, the driving force of his organizational life. It was back in the medieval ages. We were close, he confided everything in me. As his best friend and servant, I knew all about his secret love affairs and what he was up to every day. In that lifetime, he didn’t treat people too well. Which is why he is now returning that karma and driving for a lot of people who were once servants beneath him. Ultimately he is serving them. On my trip, he was a good but impatient driver and he used his honk frequently to get those “petty” cars out his way. In today’s timeline, he was frustrated because he subconsciously tapped into our medieval friendship but he couldn’t explain his frustration from a sane, 3D perspective. This is one of many ways of how karma returns and how we are able to become aware of it and ultimately let it go in this lifetime. I encourage you to take a deeper look at the “shallow” relationships you have on a day to day basis and how these make you feel. Are you annoyed by someone stepping too close to you or walking in your path when out and about? Most likely because you have done this person wrong or they have done you wrong in a past life. This is how things work and this is how we are able to experience them. Soul connections and karmic contracts - they are real. At this point in time, you can rest assured that everyone you are meeting, be it in real life or online, is someone you have had at least one past life with.

The story doesn’t end here. I also met the queen, who used to be married to King Peter the Cruel in that lifetime. She actually really helped me out by hailing me a free cab ride lateron that same day, when I was on my way back from some relaxing and much-needed down time at the hot springs. She was working at a hotel as a receptionist – being of service to other people. It’s always interesting to me to see former kings and queens reversing their karma in this lifetime and serving others. Her facial expression was quite unthrilled and I would almost call her a “sour puss”. However, the moment she saw me, she felt a connection and as if she needed to help me out. I have no clue how I deserved so much of her attention (or maybe I do a bit, hehe), but I am grateful that she helped me out in this lifetime. For the purpose of showing how karma works, this story should suffice.

I encourage you to take a deep look at your life and start seeing it for the richness of experience, that it truly provides.

Love & Light, Pleiadian Healer

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