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Miami One Year Ago, Miami Now (In 2022) - What's Changed?

Miami exactly one year ago. And Miami today. What's changed? Well first of all the first image actually includes the full lifeguard house and was taken 2 hours later during the day.... *kidding* What has changed in the past year in the free state of Florida?

Miami in 2022:

Miami in 2021:

Almost no one wears face masks, only the servers in higher end restaurants, if even. Some confused tourists who land here still do so on their very first day or so but then quickly get rid of it, pretending the world is back to normal before they go back to their homelands and cities and towns, who are still keeping them down and requiring them to comply with their slave-like rules and restrictions. The party scene is bustling and busy, much busier than in 2021 during the start of spring break. This goes for both the beach and also the downtown area. Some places, restaurants, and stores have closed down and were rapidly replaced by others, especially close to Lincoln Road and other parts. A few stores and restaurants have "we are hiring" signs outside, symbolizing that the economy here might not have picked up fully, as well, or that the pay-work ratio is not satisfying.

The city is extremely dog-friendly and wherever you go, you see furry companions rolling around the sand, eating with their owners in restaurants and strolling the promenade with them. An ideal city and state for families and pets, it seems. The housing market especially in South Florida has reached a peak never seen before in this area. The price you’re paying for what you’re getting does not justify the low quality of house they’re trying to sell and market here. However, it is a supply / demand based market, so that’s that. People want to be somewhere where they can live their lives, and for that I give them credit.

Some institutions like the Ballet or Opera in Miami require a sick cult-like test to enter. Or you can show your jabby stabby 💉 pass at your own discretion. Needless to say those institutions won’t have any of my monetary support. Too many other free events to choose from.

Overall, after two weeks here, these are my main impressions. Have any other impressions to share, perhaps from other parts of Florida? Drop them below.

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