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New Life, New Energy, New Paradigm

When you’ve been wanting something for a very long time and it finally happens, it might seem surreal at first. You might feel like you are in a dream or someone else’s movie. You might also feel you don’t deserve all the good coming your way. Australia had been calling me for a very long time. If not lifetimes ago, it’s been six years since I started seriously considering dissolving my life in NYC and heading to the Outback.

However, it remained a dream for a very long time. Relationships, jobs, commitments and other karmic entrenchments kept me in Brooklyn. Living and loving my life there for a very good reason. Working through all that I needed to, in order to leave the Big Apple with a healthy perspective (and perhaps even return one day).

For me, leaving New York was never about fleeing it. I wanted to see if I could make it there as my own boss, work through my own life and finish on my own terms. In the end, I was really able to achieve all that. That’s when I decided to pick up and leave.

The moment I got on the plane and embarked on the 27-hour journey, I knew I had done it all in divine timing. There could have not been a better day to fly than during the Scorpio full moon. During the 14 hours over to Auckland, I found clarity. From NZ to Sydney, I found peace. I felt calm the moment I stepped foot onto my new home. A home that might not be forever but at least for a little while. Welcome to Australia. Welcome to an exciting year of living, learning and traveling the world. I am so ready.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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