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Numerology of 2023!

What is the numerology of the year 2023 and how we can use it wisely?

The much anticipated new year is now here and it is ending a 3-year-cycle with a bang. Many people may have found the past three years, from 2020-2022, to be particularly challenging. The pandemic era was hard and difficult to navigate and for most, it took some time to get used to what we now call the “new normal” or rather “abnormal.” However, 2023 rings in a fresh new cycle. Despite the actual new year not being until a few months later in the year (more about this in March), new beginnings can always be good to tie up loose ends, set a fresh start and draw out new intentions for the time ahead.

And what better way to do so when knowing the numerology of the year ahead! While 2022 was a six year, emphasizing relationships, social responsibility and perhaps love for some, 2023 on the other hand carries the numerology of a “7” year (2+2+3=7).

Indeed, the last 7 year we had was in 2014, and before that in 2005. The energy of each year with similar numerology is expressed differently as many other things go into a year, such as planetary constellations, world events, awareness and more.

Now what exactly does a 7 represent and how we can use it to our advantage in the remaining 362 days?

A 7 represents the analytical, philosophical and mystical. It is shaped by the metaphysical - and wanting to mediate and investigate it. Metaphysics can mean spirituality, inner truth, inner knowing, psyche (soul) and so much more. It is the nature of reality and the study of such. The year ahead might therefore be a great time to dig deeper into one’s own nature, where the trigger moments come from, how to bring spirituality into one’s life and how to dig deeper into fundamental questions of world existence or matrix questions. Indeed, the number 7 also stands for truth seeking and all that goes with it. In a positive way, this can be expressed by being strategic and analytical. In a negative way, this may be expressed by being distant, sarcastic and reserved. Obtaining an equal balance in life is always crucial in all areas.

7 also represents movement and travel. How ironic that we are starting the year off with our first Mercury Retrograde - as this may cause some issues with both! Movement can be expressed in many ways - moving from one mindset to another or also making a physical move. Either way - there might be some exciting travel opportunities on the horizon for the year ahead!

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