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On Judgement and Gossip: How You Are Dimming Your Own Light

When you judge yourself and others, you are taking away from the energy of free flow and abundance. You are seeing one aspect of the coin, and one aspect only. You are putting yourself back into a box and you are slowly but steadily building up walls on each side and confining your view to this judgement. The hurtful boxes people put themselves in, in order to understand themselves better (or to restrict themselves to a high degree and distort their true selves) are quite insane. Judging others is judging yourself and the shortcomings you perceive in others are the exact same shortcomings you perceive in yourself. You are measuring your own worthiness by projecting it onto others. Things like these can hardly be expressed in the physical realm, they are easier to be sensed and felt on a soul level. The consequences of putting a stamp or label on someone are almost immediate in the spirit realm and they manifest much later in the physical. You need to realize how much you are dimming your OWN light by judging others. You are basically hurting yourself by hurting the people around you. This is why gossip is so toxic. We don’t talk bad about others. We keep our mouths shut. Because we are aware that what bothers us about the other person is ultimately the thorn bothering us inside our own soul body.

We have all been there. Especially in the beginning of my spiritual journey, I remember looking down on people who I considered less aware, less awakened, less of everything. Sadly, not only was I becoming spiritual superior (a term I didn’t learn until many years after) but I was also closing myself off to the higher guidance I was ready to receive then already. It wasn’t until I started expanding myself mentally and turning my mindset around (a learning process that was fascinating by itself) that I finally encountered the right tools, people and words that I needed to pass the wisdom I held within me on to others. Giving readings and healing at huge fairs in and around NY last year really showed me much how this spiritual superiority is still very prevalent, not only among the “older” generation of new-agers but also the younger ones. We are all in this together, folks, might as well start treating each other like the gifts and sparks of inspiration we are for one another.

Judgement – think first before you act on it.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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