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Our Seven Chakras: A Basic Overview

Chakras - the energy vortexes in our body which are portals from our physical body to our energetic body to our auric field. When I intuitively look at chakras, the image of a white, deep, interdimensional portal opens up to me, which is emitting energy from its core. While there are an infinite amount of chakras (if you follow Chinese Medicine, you can pinpoint at least 200 spots in the body which can also be seen as chakras), perhaps the most important ones in energy therapy are the ones lying over your body center.

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There are seven chakras specifically that are of importance when looking at healing and self-healing. Each chakra embodies a different aspect and color. Having an imbalanced or balanced chakra does not mean anything is wrong with you. Rather it means that you need to pay attention to certain aspects in your non-physical field for it not to manifest into your physical body.

The root chakra (red color) at the base of the spine is essential for survival and having monetary and family needs met. The orange energy of the sacral chakra is perhaps the most essential one when it comes to creation and fertility. Last year was the year of the solarplexus chakra (yellow) - manifestation and empowerment on a whole new level.

Right above it lies the heart chakra which can either emit a pink or green energy. It is all about love, self-love and healing your world with the power of it. The blue energy of the throat chakra has to do with speaking out and speaking your truth. Then you have the purple energy of the third eye chakra, which is all about trusting your intuition and opening yourself up to inner guidance that always lies within you.

Last but not least there is the crown chakra - embodied in a crystalline clear or white energy. This is all about spirit guidance and higher self.

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Which one of your chakras needs attention right now? Book a session if you want to find out!

Over the next few weeks I will dig deeper into each of these seven chakras and let you know my channeled findings on meaning, balancing and more. Follow my Chakra Series, which will be released on a weekly basis.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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