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Pendulums 101: The Magic Entryway to Your Intuition and Higher Guidance

Pendulums – how do they really work? A pendulum is any object that can be attached to a string. It’s as simple as that. Most people know pendulums as objects, which are made of crystals, orgonite, wood, or metal. These are attached to a chain-like string, which then spin in circles freely. But, technically, you can even use your necklace or any other object, which has the ability to sway back and forth, as a pendulum. A pendulum is the entryway to your intuition and higher guidance. The idea behind a pendulum is that your higher intuition always and already knows the answer to any question you have. Under the mountain of distraction of your mind, caused by worry, anxiety, fear, TV, the Internet, cell phones and other electronics/ feelings/ events, there is always the purity of your intuition and higher guidance.

A pendulum is a means of divination and it is there to get in touch with your higher self and the answers that deep down below you already know. If you are just starting to tap into your psychic abilities, this tool can be a great pointer and also help in really tuning into your own voice and inner self. A pendulum responds to yes and no questions only. The more complex a question is and the more variables it contains, the more convoluted and “impure” the intention becomes and the more confused your answer will be. Needless to say, when using a pendulum, put yourself in a relaxed mindset, clear away the clutter from the space, in which you want to work with the pendulum, and focus your intention on what you want to achieve during your own divination session. The less distractions you have, the better (turn your phone off or on airplane mode).

A good rule to obey when first working with and getting used to a pendulum is: Ask questions that are obvious, such as “Is my age such XX”, “Is my name XX”, "Is my gender XX”, “Did I grow up in XX”, "Is my favorite color XX” and there-on in order to get some clear answers before you tackle the “harder” and more desired questions. A pendulum is meant to spin in a circle for “yes” and sway from side to side for “no”. However, I often times find each of my pendulums finding their own way of communicating yes and no to me. Therefore, every time you want to work with your pendulum, ask it first: “Show me yes” and wait for the reply. And then: “Show me no” in order to see how it chooses to answer on that particular day. I find this to be the most accurate way to get the most use out of my pendulums and sometimes my pendulum even comes through with a “maybe” option, which I thought was quite neat, especially in the beginning.

Pendulums work great for questions, to which deep down below you already know the answer (think about a friend not being a good fit anymore, it not being the right timing for an event or someone not being honest with you). However, if your questions are about future events, which contain too many people and possibilities involved, the chance of the answer being accurate diminishes with each additional obstacle, which is thrown into the pool of future outcomes.

I do not work much with a pendulum these days in order to get important answers, since I am able to channel these through other means. I do however use pendulums for healing work, especially in order to confirm which chakra is balanced or imbalanced, and other variable things. Over the course of the past few years, during which I have worked with pendulums, I found them to be great tools to trust my third eye and find my inner intuition. There will come a day when you won’t rely on it as much as you have in the past, and that day is a great step in your spiritual and psychic advancement.

Do you use pendulums? What do you use as one and how do you find it to be of usage for your everyday life?

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