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Sacral Chakras Impacted

Over these past few days / weeks, you might have experienced sensations around your sacral chakra area. This part especially seems to have been in focus, and it could have shown either as lower back pains, cramps, not being able to talk well, tightening of the lower abdomen area or in other ways. Our sacral chakra area, which is also the seat of creativity, birthing new projects and the womb (for women) has been impacted by a lot that has been going on. It could have also been the cause for headaches, as I found out recently, and other symptoms, which appear seemingly unrelated to that area overall.

Our creativity and way of expressing ourselves is one of the most powerful tools we have currently. Becoming aware that this area is under attack for some or impacted for others could be crucial in regaining our power in that area back. I personally consider this area even more important than the heart area or other chakras. And it shows in how much the sacral area is influenced and ruled over by other forces. It also shows in how many rules there are, when it comes to imposed restrictions in the way we are supposed to create or even express ourselves (mainstream art and mainstream galleries setting the standard, as opposed to free flow of art), in the brainwashing of our sexual nature and in the ways procreation is acceptable by society and cultures, which has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years. (Image not mine.)

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