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Six Things I Have Learned About Spirituality...

6 Things I have learned on my ongoing journey of spirituality and seeing myself as a spiritual being. In 2014 I had my first major roadblock in life and finally started seeing things differently than I ever did before. This was a time when I finally took a moment to breathe and stop and wonder why all these things were happening in my life (job loss, breakup, shocking health diagnosis etc.).

I do believe we are given certain times and points in our life. These may be defined by hardships for a reason. One of these reasons is to majorly wake up and see what we are really surrounded by (matrix, recycling machine, psyops etc.).

Since then I would consider myself on an ongoing journey of never returning to that old status quo but instead digging into my own spirituality and how we got here.

These are the •••six major things••• I have learned since then:

1) Spirituality and what you deem as "spiritual" is defined by yourself. No one can take that away from you. No textbook, no spiritual "teacher" or leader, no psyop such as new age and religion - and no other mindtrap.

2) Being alone does not equal loneliness. You can be your very own best friend when you are just true to yourself and not constantly distracted by others. There is a power to silence, solitude and sitting in your own energy field. Harness that power when you can.

3) Being spiritual does not mean you can't be "human" or experience negative emotions (anger, disappointment, resentment etc.). It merely means you see them from a different perspective and try to get to the core of where those triggers are coming from.

4) Trauma work, childhood wounds and negative emotions are going to be your best friend in determining where most of your manifestation and abundance blockages lie and how we as people are kept low and below our true potential. But focusing on it permanently and solely will truly damage you, too. We are not meant to be kept negative, sad, down. Instead, we need to remain positive, uplifted and empowered to fully realize our creation powers and manifest good things in our life.

5) Set boundaries. Energetically and physically. Because the more light you shine, the more people want a piece of that cake.

6) The work will be "never-ending." At one point you simply have to go out there and live your life. After all, playing in the real world, being in nature and becoming fully present in the moment is the most spiritual thing there is. You are the holy grail of your own life.

Added point:

7) When I look into the eyes of an animal or pet, I see the most spiritual thing out there.

What have you learned on your ongoing journey of spirituality and when navigating this world with newly awakened eyes and a sense of awareness?

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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