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What Is Up With Soul Contracts? Can They Be Rewritten?

What are soul contracts and can they be rewritten? Soul contracts and karmic relationships may have been coming up for a lot of people lately, especially the re-evaluation of such. Soul contracts can actually be in our DNA, meaning we get to carry them with us from lifetime to lifetime. While some are newer and "written" out before entering this specific lifetime, others may have not yet had the chance to be completed and are therefore carrying over, unless you make a conscious effort to dissolve them. The more soul contracts you make with others, the more confusing it gets and the more it can keep you in the matrix, as well.

Chaos = confusion. And soul contracts can be a major part of the chaos. Are you able to rewrite your soul contracts? How do you destroy your soul contracts? And has your perception of time changed over these past few months? Find the answers in my latest video on the Youtube.

There is some interesting stuff coming up, including more informative videos and even a great interview early next week.

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