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Solarplexus Blockage Explained!

Solarplexus Blockage explained! A lot of you might be feeling a block around the solarplexus chakra or simply a tightening in your stomach area and the chakras below. My Instagram friend, @theessenceidentity actually animated me to explain this to you and pointed out he had observed how this entire lockdown period had especially appealed to the solarplexus and how almost no one was wearing the color yellow where he is (Canada). I've actually havent' seen too many people wearing yellow on the streets here in NY either, come to think of it.

The healing sessions I've done especially this week were meant to heal the lower chakras of the clients, in specific solarplexus, sacral and also root chakra. I myself have found my personal citrine piece, which I use for my own chakra balancing each day on my solarplexus, to be glowing hot sometimes when removing it from my body after an hour-long meditation. The solarplexus has to do with manifestation powers and creating the life we desire. Our solarplexus chakras are currently impacted (and have been for quite a while already), meaning some of you or most of you might be experiencing major blocks in manifestation powers and creating the life you desire.

This could also be due to the current eclipse season we are in, however it has to do with the entire lockdown appealing to our fear mechanism and keeping us in a fearful mode (especially for those of you watching the news daily). Fear manifests in the root chakra but also the solarplexus. Being fearful and not being able to really manifest is a pretty odd mix, but some of you might be experiencing this. The best way is to work with crystals that appeal to this chakra (of sunny, yellow, orange color), to drink juices of that color, to go out in the sun and to also wear yellow (I had to dig my yellow shirt out).

Have a beautiful, sunny day, no matter where you are!

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