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Speaking Your Truth!

Right now it is incredibly important to start sharing your story and start speaking your truth. Most people are too shy, too scared, too self-conscious to spread their thoughts and words. Some reasons for this might be being afraid of what others might think, feeling what you have to say is not relevant and thinking that what you do or what you've done is not contributing to anything in one way or another, other than perhaps in a small manner.

The truth is - if we never try, we never know. If you don't start sharing our story, our lines of wisdom and our expertise now, when else are you going to do it? Are you going to wait until a certain age? Until you've met a lifetime partner and feel more confident? Until you have more friends, more time, more hobbies, become more interesting? The strongest stories are mostly born in the most desperate of our times. People who find themselves in a similar situation are oftentimes looking for other people they can relate to. Strong role models, who have been through similar hurdles or hit similar obstacles and who can tell us how they got out of that situation or how they were able to heal.

You came here in this lifetime with a purpose. Time to share your purpose with others, as well.

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