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TF Journey: Divinely Protected Connection

The Twin Flame Journey! As most of us know by now, especially the ones, who are on this newly awakened journey to TF soul merger and union, this is not an easy journey. It is filled with a lot of self-projection, mirroring, self-doubt and, oftentimes, patience for either yourself or your TF partner, be it the DM or the DF. However, it is also the ULTIMATELY most satisfying journey one can find themselves on, especially when doing the spiritual work or even just when being in a creative industry and actively creating one's life.

The TF journey - 144,000 souls have agreed to play this game and be a part of it. The Starseeds themselves are in the MILLIONS at this point. However, the twin flames are indeed those prophesied and much talked about 144,000 individuals, who have rejoined in past lives and are now once again coming together to experience union, separation and union again. The symbolic fire and two flames, which are burning in our chests, are perhaps the most representative of this journey. I have decided to offer weekly Tarot card readings and to provide guidance and check-ins for everyone who is in need of it or wants the reassurance. You can find these on my Youtube channel ( For this week, the message that came through very strongly is: NEXT LEVEL! Divinely protected connection! This soul merger and union is DIVINELY protected by Archangel Michael. Indeed, it is so powerful that it is currently being brought to the NEXT LEVEL behind the scenes (and on a 5D / non-physical level). I'm sure a lot of you are picking up on this, as well. See the full reading on my channel!

Happy journey!

Love & Light, Pleiadian Healer

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