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The Chakra Series: The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the chakra for creativity, sexuality and fertility. It lies right above a woman’s womb, or right below the navel for a man. It is considered the second chakra of all seven major chakras, which will be discussed in this series. The sacral chakra is perhaps one of the most essential ones when it comes to creating and creativity. Especially for artists, writers, dancers this chakra plays a huge role in learning to express oneself and working with its energy. But of course for everyone this chakra is immensely important, even if we don’t give it our attention as much as the artists do.

The sacral chakra is often represented as an orange energy, igniting the fire within, so to speak. Imbalances in the sacral chakra can actually lead to diseases in the reproduction organs or spotting during the cycle of a woman or simply cramps when there is no period. The sacral chakra is linked to the throat chakra – as both forms of expression go hand in hand and complement each other at one point or another in their life cycle. In the healings I have done recently, a majority of clients had imbalances in both the sacral and throat chakra. And almost all of the time, the person confirmed that they were not standing up to themselves and being their true authentic selves, especially when it came to the creativity aspect (I suspect the other cases will come through with validation as time passes).

The sacral chakra plays a major role in discovering who we really are. If we are not able to create and give life to all the ideas we have, that expressive energy and life force has to go somewhere. And this usually shows up in a sacral chakra imbalance. Another common aspect of this chakra area can be lower back pain. Chakras extend out to both sides of the body and the sacral chakra lies right above the back (Other back pain can be associated with the solarplexus chakra, the chakra discussed after this one).

Crystals that are associated and can aid in balancing out the sacral chakra are: Fire agate, orange carnelian, orange calcite, honey calcite and orange selenite. Pretty much anything of a lighter red or orange shade will help in unlocking the potential of the sacral chakra.

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