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Summer: Staying in Your Heartspace before the Lion's Path!

I can't stress over and over again how important it is to stay in your heart space right now. There are a lot of things going on currently. Summers are known for huge transformations, eclipse season, solstice events, family celebrations, gatherings on a global level and more. It is no coincidence that various different countries celebrate their "independence" or have their national holidays in the summer, specifically the July month. It is also no coincidence that fireworks have made a (re-)appearance around that time (they are about as old as the invention of gunpowder 2,000 plus years ago, if not even older). Summer is also when schools, universities and more institutions typically take a break or introduce the concept of summer camps, shorter summer semesters and more.

Summer is really when we can do all that diggity digging, when we can tap into what perhaps was left untouched in the first half of the year. Summer is also our greatest access to joy, with warmer weather, more time off, vacations to exotic countries (maybe not this summer) and much more going on. When we look back, what is the season we remember the most? Summer most likely. We fondly look back onto it, curse out its heat in the moment, but then miss it during the colder winter months. It is also during summer we can experience the most friction and tension between others. Right now especially a lot of heated debates might be going on in your personal feed on masks, vaccines, politics, the pandemic and who knows what.

I ask you to stay in your heart space. All these interactions are nibbling away from your true essence and taking bit by bit pieces of you. They are either exhausting to you or aggravating, however we mostly can't deny the energetic impact a negative conversation with someone else can have on us. If you are caught up in any such scenarios, take a deep breath and shift your focus back to your heart. It is here where you will find back to yourself.

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