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The Chakra Series: Working With the Intuitive Powers of the Sacred Heart Chakra

This post took a while to complete because I myself was forced to work with it while exploring all facets of it through my senses and my body. I didn’t even know this chakra existed until I was guided to look at it and the vast potential that lies in activating and balancing it out. I went through the highest of highs and lowest of lows for you all of you to open up to it and experience it on a whole new level and so that I would be able to tell you about it.

Two weeks ago I went to Nashville and my life was never to be the same. What was intended to be a trip combining pleasure and work ended up being one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. Nashville is a very heart-chakra based city. How much this was so, I had no idea until I was facing all the little nuggets of truth that came through. I knew I had hit an emotional wall in my life, I just didn’t know where to go next. So I went to Tennessee on Valentine’s Day and a whole new world opened up to me. I discovered the chakra that lies in between the solarplexus and heart chakra and that was exactly the one that came through and needed work. Not the heart chakra, but a very different chakra, connected to a plethora of your energetic power and shortcomings.

So we are not progressing to the heart chakra in this post. We are first talking about the Sacred Heart Chakra, which lies right in below the heart chakra, above your chest bone and a little bit to the left. The Sacred Heart Chakra is your bridge between self-love and manifestation. I had no idea how much work I needed to get done on it until I was guided to acknowledge it first. There was literally an energetic hole in this area, that’s how much I had neglected this part of my soul body. I was told to work with this chakra by using Moldavite, a high-vibrational crystal, which I had previously used on my third eye. Wearing Moldavite above this spot of my body changed everything. I started taking my power back. I acknowledged all the toxic people in my life. I was faced with all feelings of unworthiness and unloveableness, which I had harvested throughout this lifetime and many previous ones. I kept encountering people and signs on my day-to-day life, which gently forced me to peel back yet another layer of the spiritual, emotional and mental onion I saw myself as.

These past two weeks were perhaps the most intense but also eye-opening weeks of my life. Never ever had I doubted myself so much and felt so much pain than during the first week. All of the scenarios that were taking my power away were presented to me on a silver platter during my daily meditations. Toxic ex-boyfriends, who had downplayed me, abused me, cheated on me. Jealous friends in my close circle, who could not fathom how I was even making money off the things I do now. Acquaintances, who had pointed out several things that bothered me now (scenarios I thought I had completely forgotten about). A friend’s child, who showed me how to love myself again. Scenario after scenario kept piling up, leaving me mortified and hurt at first and then forcing me to work through these scenarios step by step.

The first week was perhaps the most painful one in terms of reflections and what came through of how little I thought of myself. All the people, who were once a part of my life and who I was slowly letting go or had already let go, were basically just a reflection of my inner self and all the feelings I had towards myself, be in this lifetime or others.

I did not receive too many visions during these two weeks. Indeed, my guides were really holding back on their advice. I was meant to feel and intuitively tap into my own intuition, the way I had done when I was a child and then ultimately lost this ability (like most of us). For someone who usually receives visionary and auditory advice from the spirit realm, this was a whole new ball game. All of a sudden, I just knew things. I knew that this person was unhappy for still being with someone. Or that another person was jealous of me because they thought little of themselves and their own unworthiness. Everything around me kind of exploded in a cosmic unison and caused so much chaos and ruckus, it was quite unsettling. At one point I thought I was turning batshit crazy. Then I looked at the world around me and was relieved to see that I was actually more sane than I thought. Never was I forced to re-evaluate the people I had let into my life up until that point than to the degree I was experiencing now. Working with the Sacred Heart Chakra is exactly that: Sacred. Everything is geared towards making your aura, energetic body and cosmic self sacred and whole again. I was guided to go the spa. To get my makeup done. To groom my physical body in order to feel the love on the outside and let it trickle in on the inside.

The second week was almost a relief in an emotional way. It brought up a lot, too, but in a much more gentle way and more in a physical sense. My bodily sensations were off the hooks. My sacral chakra popped wide open and forced me to be creative again. At one point, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and experienced a full body orgasm just because of the vibrational power of opening up this chakra. I felt connected to everything and everyone and I could feel all of it. My intuition was wide open and never to be shut down again. It was the most empowering 14 days of my life. If you feel called to working with this chakra, it must be for a reason.

I must warn you though that the past two weeks have also been quite unproductive on a physical level. Since I have the freedom of doing most of my work from home or anywhere I want, it worked out fine for me. I was barely able to meet anyone or communicate much to individuals in the outside world. Even running errands turned into one of the most upsy turnsy times of my day and created a turmoil or (how I like to call it) mindf*ck in my head. But these errands were also the most valuable lessons of my day, since I was forced to look at everything presented to me in my outside world. I barely worked out or did yoga, something I used to tolerate on my body up until that point.

No one was really resonating with me anymore, and that was perfectly fine. I was not guided to meet with too many people, attend parties or gatherings. The few that I did attend really rocked my boat and brought up a lot of matter for all people, involved. So me staying away from most of you worked out fine in the long run. Not everyone was ready to face their truths. A lot of people still aren’t. It’s fine. You are going to discover all of this in divine timing.

During these past few weeks, even though I might have felt quite unproductive on a non-energetic level, it was much needed. Sometimes you just need to let everything go in order to recover and advance spiritually. I had to be fine with not accomplishing much, at least what was considered as "much" from my perspective and also the people around me. The amount of self-inflicted pain and hurt that I had done onto myself needed to be resolved. Not just from this lifetime but many other lifetimes. I was also unable to cry. Crying for me was not a means of release in this short period of my life. My guides actually told me that crying can be a lower vibrational tool and I was to stay in my high vibration and keep my spirits up. Go figure. Crying came much later in the process. Crying did indeed present itself as a perfect tool for release.

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Crystals I worked with to get me through my sanity, spiritual ascension, kundalini rising and mindf*ck: Moldavite, selenite, and nuumite (for grounding and keeping my astral body connected to my physical body). Amber was gentle to the third eye. Larimar helped in clearing off some lower vibrations and bringing in the loving Atlantean energy. Power and spirit animals associated with it and that came through to me during that time: The deer, wolf, owl, and cat.

When working with the Sacred Heart Chakra, you are forced to face everything, your masculine side, your feminine side, your hurt, your self-hate, your self-inflicted wounds by others, the constant validation you are seeking - this journey was (and still is) powerful. Happy discovery of the most powerful being that exists - you!

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

Up next: The Heart Chakra!

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