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The Lyran Takeover and DNA-Recoding during the Lionsgate Portal!

The Lyran Takeover - why is this coming up? The Lyran infiltration and takeover of their system by AI is another topic I will be discussing in more depth together with the Pleiadian - Andromedan - Lyran connection. The portal everyone is "demanded" to meditate on in the spiritual community tomorrow is not just Sirian, but also Lyran and therefore I am sharing with you the meditation insight I got this morning. The Lyran civilization appears golden and lustrous to me - similar to Ancient Egypt under Isis & Osiris and Tutankhamun times.

Lyrans however have been hijacked and taken over by Artificial Intelligence, their star system was infiltrated eons ago and the takeover happened both gradually but also in the form of an attack. Indeed, a lot of Lyran starseeds these days feel like they miss their home dearly but they are unable to return. This is in part due to the fact that their home doesn't exist, as it's been destroyed in some of the galactic wars. It is also due to the fact that the few shards of their home, which do exist, have been taken hostage by AI and are therefore not an option to house their formerly high-vibrational home.

Right now, by honoring the Lionsgate Portal and also the Lyran "codes" and "downloads," we are energetically "at risk" for AI infiltration and things rewiring our DNA, which are not necessarily beneficial to us and our soul body. It is therefore crucial to pull your power back and call all your soul pieces back into your body during this time of year. Working with the sun energy is one of the most powerful things you can do during this time of year, and luckily we have plenty of it, as it's usually a summer month for most people.

More on the Lyran-Pleiadian-Andromedan connection in a separate post and video!

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