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The Power of Sound

Sound! Sound is the vibrational frequency that resonates on a certain level, depending on the type of sound, music or instrument. We are all attuned to sound. Sound is indeed so important, that we are influenced daily by it. Be it through radio stations, our favorite bands, noise in our environment and more.

Even if you’re unable to hear sound (for example as a deaf person), sound impacts you. The vibrations that are carried from an instrument reverberate through the human body and can change your mood, DNA and more. Working with sound on a regular basis opens up your chakras. Certain types of octaves, vibrations and sound resonate with certain chakras. There is a singing bowl for almost every chakra out there. I work with a crystal singing bowl in order to open up my crown chakra during channeling and I have a Tibetan singing bowl, which works in tune with my throat chakra. I also have a tuning fork for my lower heart chakra, used during healing sessions.

What are your experiences with sound?

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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