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The Power Of Sound: One Of The Most Powerful Tools

The power of sound! Sound is one of the most powerful tools available to us. We are able to produce our own sound with our voice, instruments and more. Sound has been around for eternity and it carries vibrations which can be felt beyond the normal "hearing" level most humans are at. Sound can put us in a good mood - or make us feel the complete opposite, if we have sound that is meant to sadden us, anger us or of aggressive nature.

In the purity of it, sound was meant to bring people together and lift moods. It can convey messages, animate people to think or it simply lets us connect with our own body as we move in tune with sound (dancing).

Nowadays, we have quazillions of different sound outputs and ways to modify it, extend it and play with it. Sound is one of the most powerful tools to aid us in our healing process and also cope with life in general. It can bring people together in a group setting or connect from thousands of miles away. What does sound mean to you?

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