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The Power Of Your Mind! (Create Your Reality)

Today I want to discuss the power of your mind and how your thoughts create the reality you are in. Or rather: How you can reshape the reality you are in through the power of your thoughts and mind.

I personally have been working with the power of the mind since 2008 and on – when I first hit rock bottom in my young life and really saw how the power of our mindsets can make or break our future goals, provide hope or despair and get us back "on track" to where we want to be. And since 2014 and on I have been actively trying to reshape every single aspect of my then-current reality. I do have to say the last few years have been mind-blowing in regards to this.

The more I get into the power and the treasure our mind holds, the more I understand the spiritual bypassing that New Cagers love to do. Especially these huge ego gurus and also other types of people. I now understand how they are just really trying to get to our mind, our thoughts, our everything. A pretty common myth in the new age is to close and shut down your “monkey” mind – especially during meditation or other group events. They want you to completely ignore your mind power, to completely switch off your thoughts and to disregard anything going on in your head. Most likely to brainwash you even more after this.

To me that is interesting, because the more I dive into this matter the more I see how crucial and important our mind power is. I also see how it literally is a power to reshape our current reality and a power that we possibly even have to create any type of reality out there. I don't think that there are certain programs and that your thoughts are creating through those programs like other people think. I very clearly think you can bypass any program out there with the power of your mind once you see how powerful your thoughts and your mind really are.

From an early age on, our thoughts are pretty much under constant bombardment.

We are being kept down by:

  • Loved ones and their projections onto us

  • Intergenerational trauma passed down

  • Expectations by the society / culture we grow up in

  • Mindsets of others around us who want us do do "well" but never better than them

  • "Irrational" or deep-rooted fear of failure

  • Bullying (no matter what age but especially childhood)

  • Electronic harassment

The electronic and energetic harassment is very prevalent. This is the most difficult one as it's barely provable to a normal person and most programs are run by three letter agencies or secret services. Targeted individuals tend to know exactly what those "voices" in one's head sound like. Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm can be the result of this. Or life simply turning into an unpleasant mess and situation with one barely being able to focus on what's really important.

It is imperative to direct your thoughts, intentions and manifestations in the direction you want them to go. And to ultimately become the masters of our thought reality. There are so many unseen forces, entities and other technology, that tries to get into our heads. I myself have seen them watching my thoughts when I take one of my deeper Shamanic journeys. Sometimes they are literal eye balls following us around.

The more I dive into this, the more I also see how we are able to cure serious illnesses and diseases with the power of our mind, such as cancer, auto-immune disorders and many more. I am also convinced that we can use the mind tool to escape this matrix reality and get out of whatever realm we are in.

Watch the full video podcast below for more info.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers potent Shamanic Healing sessions, combining a multitude of healing techniques. She also provides readings and offers her intuitive psychic insight in her sessions.

Interested in learning these things on your own? Her courses teach how to tap into your own intuition, how to become your own shaman and how to help others and more! Have a look here.

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