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Why Is Mental Illness Running Rampant These Days? (An Energetic Perspective)

Why is mental illness running so rampant? This blog post highlights the energetic reasons and perspective on why it appears more and more people are turning "mad" these days.

The astral realm resembles the Wild Wild West these days. In my opinion, it has definitely gotten worse from 2020 and on. I don't remember seeing it like this in 2017 and 2018, which at this point seem like the "good" years. With the panic and lockdown setting in in 2020, a lot of weird energy was being called in and the world seemed and perhaps still seems in utter chaos. It's been very hard to work through that and people who are energetically attuned to that (call them empaths or people who have trained their energy to be that way) can very easily pick up on that.

There are several ways these astral entities want to get to us. They want to get to us through the mental, physical and emotional body - and also psyche (soul). The psyche (soul) is literally what I work on during my sessions, which has to do with calling back all soul pieces, removing entities, cords and all of that. However all these bodies are related and it's worth mentioning in this post. We already talked a little bit about diseases and how these manifest through the different layers. More about this in this blog post.

Cancer, Lyme and other chronic illnesses have been on the rise supposedly - and a lot goes into it. The mental, emotional physical body and also the soul are all related in a way that if you feel depressed or anxious, it can be felt on a physical, mental, emotional level and even have causes in diet, food, alcohol. Let's just take depression. I think it's normal to feel "down" every once in a while but depression takes these things deeper. What I have personally noticed when I was still younger and drinking is that whenever I would experience the concept of a hangover (there were many back in the days!), I would automatically feel depressed. I strongly believe hormonal imbalance has a lot to do with that and alcohol is a depressant. It can also lead to violence and it is actually toxic for our bodies (that's why you puke if you've had more than enough, experience the rash, drunkenness etc.). This is similar to obesity and how it can lead to mental illnesses, depression, anxiety and many other things. It's basically inflammation of the body - and many other issues.

In addition to all this, we are also speaking about the machine theory concept. In short, the matrix machine controlling this reality could very well be regulating our emotions and thoughts, triggering a full-on depression, anxiety attack or even schizophrenia in some. And of course there are also entities attacking to us through other people and beings. I had this happen when I experienced GAD as a 20-year old. So let's take a look at some of the most common mental illnesses: Depression, anxiety, Tourette syndrome, schizophrenia, personality disorders, autism, ADHD...


Our nervous system is obviously on overload right now. With ADHD I literally feel we are seeing more of it now because we are CONSTANTLY bombarded with notifications, EMF rays, having to check our phones and computers... Do you remember the good old times when you were able to relax and just let the computer sit in the corner for weeks? It's probably been a while. Jobs used to look very different but they've just become a battle field these past few years and decades, demanding more and more from their workers and having to be on "full call" all the time.

I do think the way things are being diagnosed has also changed, adding to all this. But it is no surprise more kids especially are having ADHD or ADD. I keep saying it over and over again - don't give them a cell phone, tablet or computer until they are well into teenage years or even 18 years old. The radiation coming from these things in addition to the sex trafficking on social media and in real life plus the idea that our frontal lobes and brains are still fully developing until 30 years of age calls for a complete disaster. I can't believe some parents give their babies these things or even kids who are 10 years and younger.

Sometimes even I feel I am experiencing ADHD symptoms, especially when I don't have a to do list. It seems they are certainly pushing it onto a lot of people these days. And for people who already have a complete nervous system overload - well no surprise they're experiencing it. The pharma meds just call in more entities, by the way, and they also really mess with people's auric and energy fields. Basically they're dimming down our light and shine. The people on it become like a very dimmed down version of themselves. I also keep seeing entities over their eyes (beneath the brows where the eye shadow would go, typically in photos). Just my personal opinion and experience of course.


Autism mostly does have to do with the environmental factors, for example the vaccine schedule babies and children receive nowadays. And of course the toxic food, radiation and a few other environmental factors. I also feel it's DNA damage, which can be reversed for some. By the way, have you noticed more and more autism normalization videos on Youtube or in the mainstream media? Starting a few years ago up until recently I've noticed those videos popping up in my suggestion feed (from 2021 and on). And how people with huge autism Youtube channels are claiming how more people have it than you think and how you can take a quiz and see if you have it. It appears they're trying to normalize it by making our food, air, water more toxic. In addition to the most recent 2020 vaccination agenda and the DNA damage that it could have caused for some people. I also strongly believe the most recent vaccine madness is also the cause we are seeing more and more mental illness cases in the media and people overall turning crazy these past few years.

It's a mix of these entities messing with these people and then perhaps also their personality having been complacent enough, possibly fractured, to take it. If you imagine how some people nowadays still don't see through the farce of these past few years, the world would possibly not make much sense to them and what they're constantly pulling off politically. If you have a stable center, you wont sway left or right. But since these people just followed the agenda, they would possibly be utterly confused at this point.


Depression is very strongly rooted in hormonal balance - or rather imbalance - and it is caused by several things. Sure, genetics can play a role, but I see the roots of depression more as environmental. This includes the alcohol hangover story I told a few paragraphs above. And of course the quality of our food, water and air can play a role. If you are always eating junk food or crappy food, it may have an effect on your mental health.

Another thing I see strongly associated with feeling down and eventually leading to depression is the energy of a place people are connecting to. I myself have moved plenty of times in my life, including my time here in NY. And I have also lived in places were previous residents, who were occupying space beforehand, were depressed and anxious. Two times it was actually confirmed to be my someone I was subletting from that the person was even on psych meds, so I know my intuition was right. This is also why it's so important to clear your space regularly. And if you have a house - same with the land. With apartment buildings it is more about your apartment. You obviously can't clear the entire building, although you can try. One time I had to persistently clear it every two weeks for several months in a row to get that giddy energy out. If you want to know how exactly you can clear your space and home, consider taking my house clearing and land healing course.

In addition, when someone is a targeted individual, these astral entities throw a whole bunch of stuff at you, such as being bullied in school, not connecting with your tribe, being ostracized by some, made fun of by others etc. I do think depression is pretty common in teenagers due to the reasons mentioned above.

Screen time is another factor. They are trying to suck the creativity from us by forcing us to spend more time in front of our phone screens, laptops, TVs... Being in front of those can literally make you feel depressed as I've noticed. Another thing that has increased from 2020 and on is the concept of remote work. And in the worst cases, you may really having entities around you trying to animate you to take your life. Most of those thoughts are not your own. More about it in a different post.


Anxiety may have similar factors to the ones mentioned in depression. I feel it is for sure entities working through other people and the astral to get to you. When I was younger, I was dating a guy who would probably fall into the narcissist category. In addition, he had a poor body image of himself and had done several surgeries on himself already. Even after only being with him briefly for a few months, I could feel anxiety and panic in my gut area. After breaking it off, I had severe anxiety for almost two years. I believe it would have fallen under GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). At one point I was basically afraid to even step out of my door and participate in the world. It turned out to be a major life crisis in my life. I personally felt it in my gut area and the solar plexus the most. Had I known about breathing exercises and other techniques back then, I would have been better off but those times were different. You didn't have inspirational Youtube channels or the yoga culture thrown at you the way you have now. So I had to cope with it and it took a while to get better. I think once I left my old life behind it was completely gone.

Anxiety is also nervous system overload as discussed. And of course past life memories. Phobias, the fear of spiders, deep water - all of that could have been how you were tortured or died in a previous life.

Tourette Syndrome:

Tourette Syndrome is mostly entities in people's fields. Depending on how severe it is. I once had an encounter with a person for two and a half weeks, who was living next to me at that time. Her ticks were so severe, she would have them every 5-10 seconds and several times a minute. Stress from the outdoors and environment made it worse for her. Her entities in her field ended up attacking me in my sleep and I had to clear the energy of my space daily until she left the condo next to mine. I also believe there was a huge past life component to it. Perhaps she was persecuted in a previous life.

Personality Disorders:

A lot of these disorders, especially if they are severe, have a past life component to them. Just think about how ludicrous the kings and queens were in the middle ages and thousands of years ago - they would have probably all qualified having some sort of severe personality disorder at this point. If they keep reincarnating over and over again and carry that soul remembrance wit them in their body and DNA - no wonder we are dealing with a real zoo and clown world these days. Dependent personally disorders are just that- being dependent upon servants - Catherine the Great, Queen Anne from England (1800s) all may qualify as having this disorder in hindsight. Personality disorders can also be triggered and made worse with child abuse.


Schizophrenia - or natural MK-ultra, how I like to call it. People with this disorder are energetically very ungrounded. During their psychotic episodes, which they don't experience all the time, they are literally tapping into all the astral dimensions around them and also what the astral entities are trying to push onto them. There is this one Youtube channel called "Living well with schizophrenia," which has great content on what these psychotic episodes look like. If you look at a lot of the comments, people always speak about how the person they know tends to turn into the military or give military type of orders. This makes sense to me because if it's all a natural kind of MK-ultra experience, these entities, which the military and all these government institutions are connected to, would be acting that way through them. MK-ultra is also a part of the military experiment.

As "normal" people we are able to experience the same psychotic episode when you take psychedelic trips. Take DMT or a proper shroom trip as an example. And so when people say they had a "bad trip" because they seemed watched by this higher power or random eyes (military) - that makes a lot of sense because they're tapping into the same realm schizophrenic people are. I also always wondered how these people function in real life because it leaves you very ungrounded and I recommend being in a safe space if that happens. I cannot imagine being on a train or subway. This sounds like the worst trip and experience of your life. Overall the astral realm has become absolute clown world (AI). These type of trips and episodes are not what they used be in 2018 and before, either. It is therefore no wonder a lot of schizophrenic-inclined people are being triggered nowadays. And of course you have the obsessions - they like to obsess over one thing over and over again . On the YT channel mentioned there was this interview with a psychiatrist, who was promoting the ketogenic diet. And that it would work for a high percentage of participants after 3 + months but that it would take that long to take effect if it was done right and the participants were not cheating. Food can act as medicine and also play a role, you just have to eat the right one. We are not given that type of knowledge in school, the mainstream, or college anymore. In short, that's what I had to say about mental illness and dis-eases. Of course you could write ten books on this topic but I feel this may be a good overview. Some people commented saying schizophrenia is parasites in the brain, body or energy. I do think it's entities controlling them for sure. But these entities are also trying to control us. They are just more successful with the more vulnerable people, like schizoid, ADHD, depressed or suicidal people. Sure, maybe some are more targeted from the start, as we all know. Most of us are targeted at this point. But it's important to keep your sanity nowadays, because your mental health in addition to your physical and emotional heath, which all run into one, are the most important assets you can have. You need to strengthen that the same way you strengthen your energy - every single day!!! If I don't put my shields up regularly, I feel it. I also see it in my life.

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