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The Transgender Agenda, Erasing Women's Bodies & More! Interview with Sister Leona

An interview with Sister Leona has aired on my Bitchute and so far it's been the most watched video on this platform. In this collaboration, we dissect the Transgender Agenda, her business, the Radical Matriarchy, and other juicy topics. Are the current bills and legislations affecting womens' rights? Are women's bodies slowly but surely being erased over the course of history? And what is up with the rise of pedo-phila in California? You can already tell why this video is not on my Youtube channel.

However, hopefully in the future we will get to do a more YT friendly version (that will withstand the scrutiny of censorship rules and more). Bitchute link is in below or search for Pleiadian Healer under Enjoy!

Sister Leona can also be found here on Instagram under 4sisterleona

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