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This Weekend I Had A Moment Of Presence...

This weekend I had a moment where I was overcome with feelings of gratitude and appreciation. I looked up from a busy moment in my life and started taking in my reality. The place I live in. The furry friend I have to share my adventures with. The life I had built up over the past year. And how far I had come from the year before. When we don't take a step back to appreciate the bigger picture, sometimes we miss out on how much progress we have made. That day was that moment for me. Up until that moment, I was having a hard time with my day and almost slid off into a victim mentality. I was looking at all the things I had yet to still accomplish. Instead of just looking back at how far I had come.

One year ago, I was still very much on the road for 2+ months and figuring things out. Unsure of where my path may lead me or if I'd ever find a place to call home again. I had great adventures on that road and I managed to see some pretty amazing places and network. But I had no furry soulmate to share my life with. I was also yearning for my own four walls again and to decorate them in the best way possible. I did not even have a proper stove or oven and was mostly eating out or heating up my food in a microwave (yuck!) in the Airbnbs I was staying in. (More about the dysfunctional AirBnb system in another post.) Finding friends and a soul tribe is also difficult when you don't stay in a place for longer.

As I've slowly but surely accomplished all this and so much more over these past 12 months, I felt a feeling of joy, peace and love overcome me. When we focus on the positive, it's hard to bring us down. And we can create more positive things from then on. Did you ever have any of those aha moments in life?

(Photo: Me exactly one year ago at Joshua Tree.)

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