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Traveling as a Woke Being: Tapping Into Memories and Past Lifetimes in Foreign Lands

So many things came through on my last trip to Costa Rica - and so many more things continue to come through. For instance, there was the driver who was super nice to me. I channeled that he had been my slave owner in a previous lifetime (more on this in a later post). In today’s time, he subconsciously felt guilty and tried making up for it by treating me well and being as nice as possible. Flashes of a cage and a whip came to my mind when he cheerfully explained the countryside to me as we drove past it. On a beach in Manuel Antonio I ran head-on into an umbrella. As it scraped parts of my neck, I couldn’t help but think how my head had been chopped off here in this spot in a previous lifetime. Flashes over flashes, memories over memories - when you travel as a woke being you experience places and people on a whole new level.

I remember taking a trip to SE Asia two years ago and me channeling in the three countries I had gone to what my previous lifetimes had looked like. From being a Malaysian princess over an old, unhappy man in Singapore to another unhappy person in Thailand - it’s quite mind-blowing how much comes through once you open yourself up to it. Not only that, but I can also tell how the locals treat me at a certain place whether or not I was a liked or unliked person in that area and time. In Malaysia, people loved me. Everyone wanted to help me out and I even had people paying for my food or bus ticket or offering their help everywhere I went. Malays are in general very friendly people but after talking to other backpackers, it seemed that they were especially friendly to me. In Thailand everything was off. I did meet some respectable locals but most of them looked at me like a piece of dirt and I could tell they hated me deep down. I was not very much liked in this country in my past life. I also got pretty sick here.

What are your experiences with retrieving memories abroad?

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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